Travel information

Leipzig is easy to reach by rail, road and plane.

By plane

Airport Leipzig-Halle (LEJ):

You can fly directly to Leipzig from several cities in Germany or from Zurich, Vienna, and Istanbul. There are also flights from London Stansted (Ryanair) and Moscow Vnukovo (Pobeda).

To get to the city center from the airport, take the municipal railway (S-Bahn) line S5 or S5X (southbound in the direction of Zwickau), which leaves Leipzig-Halle Airport every 30 minutes. There are three central stops: Leipzig Hbf (Hauptbahnhof/main station), Markt (market place), and Wilhelm-Leuschner-Platz.

A taxi ride from the airport to the city center costs about €40.

You may also consider the two airports in Berlin (especially Schönefeld, which has many cheap flights):
Berlin Tegel:

To get from Berlin Tegel to Leipzig, you should go first to Berlin main station (Berlin Hauptbahnhof: take the Bus TXL direction Alexanderplatz; you can buy a ticket (single way) from the white-yellow ticket machine (price €2.80).

The bus leaves every 6 min and the journey takes 30 min. At Berlin Hauptbahnhof, you can buy your train ticket (€50 one way) from the red-white DB machine. Trains going to Leipzig depart from downstairs approx. every hour ( The journey takes approx. 1h 20 min.

To get from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to the airport, take the exit to Europaplatz. The TXL bus leaves from the opposite side (you need to cross the street with tram rails). It is possible to buy a ticket from the person who is coordinating passengers at the bus stop.

Berlin Schönefeld:

To get from Berlin-Schönefeld to Leipzig, you should go first to Berlin-Südkreuz Station (Berlin Südkreuz Bahnhof): take the S-bahn S45 direction S Südkreuz Bhf (Berlin); you can buy a ticket (single way) from the red-white “VBB-Fahrkarten” ticket machine (price €3.40). Tickets are also available online (  

The S-bahn S45 leaves every 20 min and the journey takes 33 min. At Berlin-Südkreuz Station, you can buy your train ticket (€50 one way) from the red-white DB machine. Trains going to Leipzig depart from downstairs approx. every hour ( The journey takes approx. 1h.

The regular return ticket by train from Berlin to Leipzig is €100 (but if you book early, you may get a cheaper price).

By train or bus

Leipzig is conveniently located on the Munich-Berlin train line and on the Frankfurt-Dresden line. ICE trains from Berlin take 70 mins, from Frankfurt 3 hours, from Munich 3.5 hours. Some further travel times by train: Paris 7.5 hours, Warsaw 9 hours, Amsterdam 7.5 hours, Prague 4 hours, Copenhagen 8.5, Brussels 7 hours, Basle 6 hours.

If your train trip within Germany is longer than Berlin-Leipzig, you can book a special "Event Ticket" with Deutsche Bahn (DB):

One-way trip for a specific train (subject to availability):
Second Class 54,90 €
First Class 89,90 €

One-way trip fully flexible (always available):
Second Class 74,90 €
First Class 109,90 €

You can get more information here.

Besides this offer, DB has other special offers (saver fares "Sparpreis/Super-Sparpreis") which may be even cheaper than the Event Ticket.

It is also possible to take a bus directly from the airport to Leipzig main station (Leipzig HBF). There are around 4 buses per day ( The journey takes 2:20 from Berlin-Schönefeld and 2:45 from Berlin-Tegel to Leipzig Hbf.

You can also leave from other bus stops in Berlin, e.g. from Berlin Hauptbahnhof and Berlin Südkreuz.

If you want to take a bus, it is cheaper to book the ticket online in advance.

By car

Approaching Leipzig from the north, via national route (Autobahn) A9, change to A14 at Schkeuditzer Kreuz in the direction of Dresden. Follow A14, then take exit Leipzig-Mitte, and follow road B2. Approaching Leipzig from the south or east, change from A9 or A14 to A38 and take the exit "Leipzig-Süd", then follow the B2.

Transport in Leipzig

Leipzig has a compact city centre, which is easy to maneuver on foot. There is also a very good tram and bus system.

All conference participants will have free access to the public transport system from August 20 (Tuesday, 12:00h) through August 25 (Sunday, 12:00h) (including travel from and to Leipzig-Halle airport).

One week before the conference, each participant will receive a mail with an attached document that will serve as a preliminary ticket. The document should be printed out and shown upon request with a valid personal ID.

Once the participants register at the reception desk, their name tag will have an additional barcode which serves as the ticket during the conference.

Taking taxis is not advisable because they are quite expensive in Germany (about €25 for ten minutes). The main railway station (Leipzig Hbf) is just about north of the city centre and 5-10 minutes walk from the venue.