Practical information

Conference venue

The 52nd Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE 2019) will be held on the downtown campus of Leipzig University, between Augustusplatz and Universitätsstraße.


Leipzig University
Augustusplatz 10
04105 Leipzig, Germany

Augustusplatz is the main square of the city, and apart from the university buildings (the church-like Paulinum and the (Neues) Augusteum), it features the Leipzig Opera and the Leipzig Gewandhaus (world-famous concert hall).

The conference rooms will be in three adjacent buildings of the campus:

   – Hörsaal Building (Hörsaalgebäude): Rooms 1–5 (= HS 13–17), Plenary room (= HS 9)

   – Seminar Building (Seminargebäude): Rooms 6–15 (= S 202–224), Conference Office

   – Augusteum: Reception Desk, coffee breaks, publishers,

            Welcome Reception (Wednesday 19h)

Reception Desk and Conference Office

Registration will be at the Reception Desk in the foyer of the Augusteum.

The Conference Office will be in S 201 on the second floor of the Seminar Building.

Both the Registration Desk and the Conference Office will be staffed between 8:00h and 18:30h; on Tuesday before the conference, we will be there until 20:00h, and on the last day (Saturday) until 15:00h.

Name tags (including public transport)

Conference name tags will be handed out during registration at the Reception Desk. They must be worn during all sessions, breaks and evening events.

     Each name tag includes a public transport ticket for the days of the conference, including Sunday morning (until 12:00h), and including travel to the airport. You see the ticket when you take the name tag out of its plastic holder.

     (The name tags also allow you to join the Dinner party after 21:30h for the music and dancing; for the Dinner at 20h, you will need a ticket.)


Lunches will be served in the university canteen (Mensa am Park), located on the ground floor of the Hörsaal Building. Please bring your lunch voucher for the day in question.

  • main course (meat/fish/vegetarian/vegan)
  • salad
  • dessert
  • soft drink

Note that there is also a café next to the Mensa, called “Cafeteria”. You can buy a coffee there, but it is not included in the lunch vouchers. Coffee is provided free of charge to conference participants during the coffee breaks in the Augusteum.

     If you have special dietary needs, please pay attention to the ingredients, as indicated near the food. In case of doubt, ask the Mensa staff, or request help from our staff. (An English-languge list of labels can be found here:


We recommend the Twitter hashtag #SLE2019Leipzig.


Welcome Reception

Wednesday (21 August), 19:00-20:30h, Foyer of the Augusteum

All conference participants are welcome to enjoy some wine and snacks. There will be a few pieces of a cappella music by the Ensemble Nobiles (

Leipzig City Walk

Thursday (22 August), 19:00h

Meeting point is Augustusplatz, just outside the main entrance of the Augusteum, at 18:50h. There will be several groups of 25 people each.

Conference Dinner

Friday (23 August), 20:00h-1:00h, Moritzbastei

If you registered for the Dinner, you will find a Dinner Ticket in your conference materials.

Conference participants who do not have a dinner ticket may join the Dinner party at 21:30h for the music and dancing (in the “Veranstaltungstonne”).

Special recommendation for music lovers

(open to anyone, not part of the conference):

The “Motette” in St. Thomas Church (Saturday, at 15:00h) features church music by the famous Thomaner choir for just €2. You can enter the church from 14:15h (tickets are not sold in advance). The programme is: Johann Sebastian Bach: Kantate “Nimm von uns, Herr, du treuer Gott“ (BWV 101)

Saturday tours (only for participants who registered for them)

– Tour to Leipzig Zoo:

The meeting point is at 15:30h at the main entrance of Leipzig Zoo, Pfaffendorfer Strasse 29, tram 12 (direction "Gohlis-Nord"), stop "Zoo".

– Tour to Schumann House and Mendelssohn House:

The meeting point is at 15:30h at the Reception Desk (Augusteum).

Sunday excursions (only for participants who registered for them)

– Excursion to Jena

The meeting point is at 10:00h at the Hauptbahnhof (main station), track 8

– Excursion to Weimar

The meeting point is at 9:00h at the Hauptbahnhof (main station), track 10


Local transport in Leipzig

As noted above, all participants will be able to use trams, buses and local trains (S-Bahn) for free during the conference (until Sunday, 12:00h). This includes the local trains to the airport (not IC/ICE trains). The local transport ticket is attached to the name tag (take it out of its plastic holder to see it).

     We recommend the smartphone app EasyGo for information on Leipzig local transport (website: The Deutsche Bahn app, and the website also include most of this information. (Note that there will be some construction work in front of the Hauptbahnhof during the conference, leading to some changes in tram lines.)


For printing handouts or posters locally, we recommend the following shops

(closed on Saturdays, except for Sedruck!):

Printy, Ritterstraße 5 (

CampusCopy, Universitätsstraße 18                                                                                                                    (

Sedruck, Beethovenstraße 23 (

Poster session

The poster session will take place on Thursday 22 August, overlapping with the morning coffee break, taking place in the foyer of the Augusteum from 10:30h to 11:30h. Posters should be of size A0 (84 x 119 cm, vertical or horizontal). Presenters  can  bring and pin their posters between 8:00h and 10:15h. We will provide pins at the Reception Desk.


As in many other universities around the world, Leipzig University offers Eduroam. If you do not have access to this service, you can use the special conference service (Eduinfo).

– Please open the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) to get to the portal

– Choose SLE 2019
– Enter the password and accept the terms of use.

The login must be performed once a day.

Wireless network name:         eduinfo

Event name:                            SLE 2019
Password:                               a76dc-2019
Period:                                    2019-08-19 to 2019-08-25

IP addresses:                          Obtain automatically (DHCP)

DNS server:                            Obtain automatically (DHCP)

Quiet areas

The campus library is located on the ground floor of the Hörsaal Building. For relaxing, you may also visit the Paulinum church/aula building, right next to the Augusteum, with its beautiful church art and unique atmosphere.


The closest pharmacy (Central-Apotheke) is on the corner of Augustusplatz and Grimmaische Straße, in the same building as the Vapiano restarurant. Others are in Petersstraße (Petersbogen-Apotheke) and Nikolaistraße (Löwen-Apotheke).


Can be downloaded here: